(Clearance) Tummytie Pack (Bundle of 3)

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Baby Fair | (Clearance) Tummytie Pack (Bundle of 3)
(Clearance) Tummytie Pack (Bundle of 3)
(Clearance) Tummytie Pack (Bundle of 3)
(Clearance) Tummytie Pack (Bundle of 3)

Brand : Okiedog

Usual Price : $59.70

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75 Bought
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Product Information

Tummy Tie – wear your regular pants for longer

Invented by Camilla, a mum, the Tummy Tie is a unique product to help you stay in your pre-pregnancy clothes longer. We all come in different shapes and sizes, and as our lives change, so do our bodies – especially during pregnancy. The Tummy Tie is perfect for pregnancy, post pregnancy, fluctuating weight, bloating and menopause. It will expand your wardrobe, making your favorite trousers a perfect fit every time. It is very discreet, effective, simple to use, and very affordable, making it every woman’s essential wardrobe accessory.


Each Tummy Tie Pack Comprises:

  • 2 x Medium Tummy Tie’s in black
  • 2 x Medium Tummy Tie’s in white
  • 1 x large Tummy Tie in black


Tummy Tie Features:

  • It is very discreet in appearance. When attached to your skirt, jeans or pants, the it will sit nice and flat.
  • It is very comfortable, quick, and simple to use
  • Because the Tummy Tie is made from elastic, it will expand with your growing belly, with most people being able to use a Tummy Tie up until their third trimester.
  • The patented design means that you can properly do your fly up, resulting in no need for a fabric panel to be used in conjunction with the Tie. The design of the Tummy Tie holds your trousers together at the top, which prevents your zipper from falling down.
  • Made of high density elastic material, the TummyTie is able to maintain its shape & strong elasticity, making it very durable
  • The Tummy Tie is suitable for front, side and even back fastening garments. Or, wear it in reverse, and it will suit your slide fastened pants.


Tummy Tie wearing instructions:

  • Attach one end of the tummy tie to your existing trousers button
  • Feed the other end of the tummy tie behind and through your trousers buttonhole
  • Fold the Tummy Tie back over itself and feed it over your button. DO up your fly, and your regular trousers are not extended.
  • Cool machine wash, lay flat to dry. Do not dry clean or tumble dry.



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